Social Innovation, Impact & Investment


Australian Social Investment Trust (ASIT) partners with value-matched decision-makers, beneficiaries and influencers to co-deliver social innovation, investment initiatives and systems change. 

Social Innovation, Impact and Investment is about change through building collaborative relationships that benefit society. For example, ASIT has begun to develop methodology to measure and evaluate long-term social investment through the It's Our Place collective impact work with disadvantaged communities in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region of NSW.

The objective is to demonstrate the social return on investment (ROI) from a long-term commitment to building community capacity while helping these communities to meet their aspirations. Our evaluation will show the extent to which this particular kind of investment in communities over the long term, yields both social and economic returns.

Social Innovation, Impact and Investment

  • Has potential to source more diverse resources and funding for the social sector
  • Operates in the context of collaborative relationships and builds social capital
  • Focuses on the delivery of better social outcomes
  • Has potential to foster “bottom up” innovative solutions to social problems through authentic community engagement and increased direct responsiveness to the needs of service users.
Work with ASIT to deliver positive impact
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