Amplifying Social Impact


Australian Social Investment Trust (ASIT) directly supports value-matched organisations, initiatives and programs to establish and amplify their purpose, social impact and economic return.

ASIT provides, or can source, whatever services and expertise are required to future-proof the work of our clients.

Our panel of expert consultants provides leading-edge expertise to deliver, enable and support sustainable business solutions to clients. This includes provision of strategic business services, innovative governance models and management, measurement and evaluation, and sector-neutral facilitation and operations.

Amplifying positive social impact

ASIT partners with organisations to build their internal capacity to adapt to rapidly changing environments and shape their markets in an increasingly complex society with ever-growing numbers of people experiencing disadvantage. This partnership amplifies long-term organisational sustainability and, ultimately, social impact.

We support our partners and clients to provide their most successful, sustainable, benevolent solutions for people experiencing disadvantage. This may include working alongside them to better understand their social outcomes and explore ways to amplify these through sustainable strategies and innovative implementation.

Strategic planning with SSI

ASIT recently worked with Settlement Services International (SSI) to produce their Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and equip the community based non-profit organisation to move to its next stage of development. SSI provides refugee settlement, migrant and asylum seeker support, housing, multicultural foster care, and disability and youth support services throughout NSW.

SSI’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 is a blueprint for managing the organisation’s strengths and challenges, positioning SSI to capitalise on future growth opportunities and expanding operations in a sustainable, planned way against a backdrop of rapid change, uncertainty, complexity and increased competition.

“ASIT and SSI have put a vast amount of work into the development of this Strategic Plan. We’re proud to have taken such an innovative and courageous approach to its development.
The plan pushes us to consider – and address – the many challenges and opportunities that await us in the future. It builds on the solid foundation of our successes to date and sets out a roadmap to take us to our 20-year anniversary.
We’re confident that Strategic Plan ASIT has developed with us will help SSI to continue to be responsive and adaptive, to consolidate our strengths and invest in developing the capabilities we’ll need for continued success in a rapidly changing world.” – SSI CEO, Violet Roumeliotis (GAICD)

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Work with ASIT to deliver positive impact
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