Our Story


Natasha Scully, ASIT founder and Executive Chair

New NS4"ASIT was founded for a range of reasons. One of the main ones being that significant system gaps, market failures and social challenges were not being positively or adequately addressed. This held back individuals and society from reaching their full potential.

“ASIT was created to harness the opportunity to work together with like-minded, values based individuals and organisations. I wanted to genuinely collaborate to make lasting change on the many intractable and complex social and economic issues (or “wicked problems”) in our community. We incubated our approach to collective work in the Illawarra Shoalhaven, initially with the community of Bellambi and created ASIT to support it.

“We see many varied needs in community and in individuals, and at ASIT, we want to make a positive difference.

“Having worked across all sectors at different stages of my career, I saw how limiting administrative, political and funding cycles were. They prevented complex social issues from being resolved and got in the way of long-term solutions being implemented and seen through. This is critical for creating long-term, intergenerational results.

“I also found there was no real ‘space’ that enabled authentic cross-sector collaboration and social change with no vested interest. Such interests only serve to create barriers to true change and skew the enabling of positive change. ASIT was purposely created to be sector neutral and benevolent, with no individual or sector vested interest.”

Work with ASIT to deliver positive impact
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