Our Priority


ASIT gives priority to the most vulnerable individuals, families, cohorts and communities in Australia, whether they be experiencing immediate or intergenerational disadvantage or distress.

This includes community members experiencing intergenerational social and economic disadvantage (such as those in communities in which we co-deliver the It's Our Place Collective Impact initiative), refugees and asylum seekers experiencing distress (such as the clients of our Amplifying Social Impact services client, Settlement Services International - SSI), and people and communities experiencing inequality and lack of access to opportunities (as part of our Social Innovation, Impact & Investment services).

PEOPLE EXPERIENCING POVERTY: We believe holistic, early intervention to relieve poverty and achieve systemic change is key to the prevention of almost all negative social outcomes directly associated with poverty.

PEOPLE EXPERIENCING DISTRESS: We believe swift, culturally appropriate assistance will relieve barriers and distress, and help to build long-term health and well-being, creating long-term stability and ensuring positive social outcomes. This relief/assistance must include a whole-of-community response to re-establishing community structures and support networks.

PEOPLE WITHOUT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: We believe creating positive and equitable long-term outcomes for all people despite gender, socio-economic background or race. 

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