Our Partners & Clients

Our values-matched partners and clients share a common purpose. Together, we are genuinely committed to delivering positive social and economic outcomes. 

ASIT's partners and clients are principally human services government agencies, non-government organisations, small and big business, and philanthropy. They are either already dynamic, agile and responsive or are aspiring to be. ASIT partners and clients are also open, willing and able to change, evolve and shift.

We choose to work with values-matched partners and clients with:

  • capacity to scale/amplify impact
  • strong, courageous leadership
  • agility, responsiveness, dynamism
  • openness, accountability and transparency.

Values and commitment match

  • Courageous leadership willing to challenge the status quo
  • Commitment to positive social change and doing real work for real results
  • Willingness to challenge, be challenged and tackle things that are hard to change
  • Courage and willingness to do things differently for better results, taking smart risks and calculated leaps of faith
  • Commitment to outcomes and benefits, not inputs and outputs
  • Willingness to be measured and independently validated.
Work with ASIT to deliver positive impact
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