About Us


We co-create, enable and amplify social innovation, collective impact and social investment initiatives that create sustainable positive social impact.

Australian Social Investment Trust (ASIT) is a values-based, sustainable, caring, empowering organisation. Through our partnerships and leadership, we work together to tackle some of society’s most intractable social challenges. Our aim is to make a lasting positive difference to our communities and their members.

We are benevolent, sector-neutral collaborators and facilitators of positive social and economic impact.

  • We provide leading-edge expertise to value-matched individuals and organisations – government, non- government, philanthropists and business
  • We support, facilitate and co-create social innovation, collective impact and social investment initiatives
  • We aim to deliver sustainable long-term social and economic benefit to Australian individuals, families and communities.
  • We create and host governance infrastructure to support unique social invest initiatives.

“At ASIT, we challenge the norm, facilitate new ways of operating and enable real results and positive outcomes, often for seemingly unresolvable issues.”
Natasha Scully, ASIT Founder and Executive Chair.


ASIT is a charitable trust and Public Benevolent Institution, developed to support and facilitate investment initiatives that create long term social and economic benefit to Australian communities.  It is sector neutral and benevolent in its operation. Collaboration is core to ASIT’s philosophy. ASIT collaborates and partners with key stakeholders to deliver social innovation and investment solutions that make a significant social impact for stakeholders, their communities and the challenges they face.


  • Collaboration, engagement and participation - working together towards positive outcomes
  • Authenticity, accountability and transparency
  • Agility, responsiveness and dynamism
  • Vision, Innovation and creativity - taking measured risks
  • Positive, sustainable, long-term impact for the community
  • Facing challenges and complexities head on - trying new ways of operating in previously intractable environments.


  • Support and facilitate social and collective investment initiatives that create sustainable social and economic impact
  • Provide leading-edge expertise and support to leadership across the social and community services sector
  • Create a social investment market in Australia that delivers positive social outcomes and provides return on investment.
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