Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven


Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven works alongside communities experiencing intergenerational disadvantage in the NSW Illawarra Shoalhaven region.

As with all Our Place initiatives, the aim is to increase local community pride, neighbourhood cohesion, and personal wellbeing and empowerment.

Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven initiatives are currently active in four communities: Bellambi, Bundaleer, East Nowra and Warrawong.

Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven is supported by ASIT, in partnership with cross-sector government and non-government organisations and businesses in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region. 

Our Place Bellambi 

Our Place Bellambi was the pilot Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven location. It has been operational since 2015.

Our Place activity began in Bellambi with 700 community members and representatives from business, schools, non-government organisations and government agencies coming together to co-create the Bellambi Community Action Plan 2016/18.

Together, the community identified and categorised priority actions for their Action Plan under four key themes: Safety and the Physical Environment; Connections, Support and Inclusive Communities; Learning, Education and Employment; and Community Focused Services.

Since the Bellambi Community Action Plan 2016/18 came into being in 2015, the cross-sector Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven team has coordinated, facilitated and enabled completion and delivery of a range of Action Plan initiatives and activities.

We have released our 2016/2017 Bellambi Annual Report, which outlines the results from the initial period in Bellambi. A copy of the report can be viewed hereBellambi Report cover

Our Place communities 

From August to October 2017, the Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven team worked with local organisations and groups in Bundaleer, East Nowra and Warrawong to hold community conversations about aspirations, ideas and concerns for each community. Community workshops then followed, to co-create initial action plans for each Our Place community.

The Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven team will enable, facilitate and coordinate collective community work under these action plans in early 2018.

More information about Our Place Illawarra Shoalhaven can be found at www.ItsOurPlace.org.au
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