Our Team

Our expertise is in our people – with our breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and expertise across multiple sectors, ages and skills sets.

Our backgrounds include: public sector, business and community. Our skills include: IT systems; community engagement; research, measure and evaluation; media, marketing and communication; legal and finance.

The ASIT team is passionate about solving challenging, complex, intractable social issues with multiple moving parts requiring systems change. And we are driven by a shared value set: commitment to impacting the community in a positive way; working together around complex challenges and issues; focus on long-term ‘triple bottom-line’ (economic, social and environmental) sustainability.


  • Natasha Scully - Founder/Executive Chair 
  • Helen Freeland - Executive Director - Operations   
  • Lauren Gale - Director - Operations
  • Greg Reid - Company Secretary and Director - Amplification Services
  • Pat Zammit - Executive Officer
  • Fabiana Soares - Consultant - Amplification Services & Project Officer - Social & Collective Impact
  • Sonam Mahatme - Legal Counsel Coordination & Project Officer - Social & Collective Impact
  • Janine Bilas - Communications Manager
  • Demee Rheinberger - Communications, IT and Administration Coordinator & Project Officer - Social and Collective Impact


Work with ASIT to deliver positive impact